Friday, 7 February 2014

Shanghai poster girl

It's Chinese New Year this week! Pardon us for some inactivity as we are stuffing ourselves full with lots of festive good food. Meanwhile I think it's a perfect time to share these photos of a 1930s Shanghai poster girl inspired look I did on myself.

As I admire the ladies in the posters, I could almost imagine myself in the lusty vibrant Shanghai of that era. The ladies looked largely similar, with a subtle glamorous air surrounding them. The main features of the look - high collared cheongsam, the classic finger waves, porcelain pale skin, thinly defined brows, heavily rouged cheeks and red lips. Did I nail the look?

Happy Chinese New Year to all! Gong xi fa cai!


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Vintage school girl // SammyDress Review

The lovely people at SammyDress sent over this chiffon shirt that has such beautiful black lace details, I was excited to put together an outfit with it. I played up on its vintage flair by tucking the shirt into a black midi skirt for that classic 50s silhouette. The fullness of the midi skirt was just appropriate to balance out the prim and proper collared shirt and definitely adds some swinging fun to my look! The white part of the shirt reminded me of my school uniform which gave me the inspiration for this classic vintage inspired school girl look.

Chiffon shirt c/o SammyDress
Black midi skirt: Ash Lapin
Patented oxford shoes: ASOS
River Island box clutch: ASOS
Photos by Kanisalad

As for my shopping experience at SammyDress, first up, I'm amazed by the great number of stuffs they carry. Just the women's clothes section, there is a whooping 18000 plus items! All neatly categorised so that we can find what we need. The next thing that hit me, the stuffs are incredibly cheap. Just take this shirt I'm wearing, it's less than ten bucks. Of course, for such a low price, we cannot expect too much of the quality of the clothes - the button holes aren't cut, the fabric is rather thin, the colour isn't the same as what is shown in their photos. Their photos are probably taken under warm lights and thus it appears beige but the shirt is actually true white. The size of the shirt also runs small, so if you are top heavy, go for a size bigger than usual. My shirt arrived in two weeks, which was a reasonable shipping time. All in all, I think SammyDress is a good site if you are looking for a variety of affordable clothes and don't mind the average quality.


Friday, 24 January 2014

It's a black pinafore!

Do you have this particular outfit that you will unknowingly or knowingly go for whenever you are in a rush? I like to call these pieces my crunch time outfits and they are life saviors especially when time doesn't permit any hesitation. They change from time to time and currently, my crunch time piece will be this black pinafore. Pinafores instantly makes an outfit look fun and cute, but not too cute for my liking because it's black. And it's so comfortable, I have been wearing it to work probably a little too often. Time to look for another crunch time piece!
Black pinafore: H&M
Top: Chicwish 
Patented oxford shoes: ASOS
Clutch: from local shop in Sweden
Hat: Gift from colleagues


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Hey Twiggy!

Sharing the first installment of a fun creative makeup project that my company did last year. After dolling up so many ladies, it's finally a makeover on ourselves! Not the usual pretty pretty makeup, we decided to go all out and transform ourselves into another person. First up, here's me as Twiggy! This makeup is genius. With some simple placement of white on the lids, black on the socket and lashes, my eyes look two times bigger. I'm in love with this blond pixie hair too and credits goes to an amazing hairstylist friend of ours. I'm wearing a wig by the way! 

I hope u are loving this look as much as I do!


Sunday, 5 January 2014

The perfect red number

In a blink of an eye, Christmas is over and we have leaped into a brand new year. December has been extremely busy and I'm grateful for a short break from work this week to spend time with my family and catch up on blogging!

December is definitely the busiest month of the year for us makeup artists as we doll up many ladies for weddings and parties. But no matter how busy we are, my colleagues and I will definitely find a day, doll ourselves up and get together for Christmas. Good food, drinks and great company - there's no better way to end the work year! Before the celebration, each of us wrote a riddle for a cosmetic product we like to have for Christmas. My colleague, JH who picked my name were totally spot on with what I wanted, a hot pink lippy! It's interesting to have a fellow makeup artist choose a cosmetic product and inject some freshness into my makeup.

This beautiful red dress is also something new I decided to try this festive season! Time to get out of comfort zone and leave all my black dresses at home. As ridiculous as it may sound, this is in fact my. first. red. dress! With such a vibrant red on me, I kept the accessories simple with just an acrylic clutch (my Christmas present from Ashley!), bracelet and studded flats.
On Ft
Hallie dress in red: Ash Lapin
Acrylic clutch: Christmas present from Ashley
Rilynn bracelet: Ash Lapin
Studded flats: Steve Madden
Lipstick: Givenchy in Rose dressing
Photos by Jennifer

What are some new style you like to try this year?

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